Tucson Rugby Extends Brand by Partnering with Ruck Science

Tucson Rugby Club is proud and eager to announce its new partnership with Ruck Science, a company that provides the world’s best nutritional and lifestyle products designed by product experts and focused on the emerging and rapidly-growing U.S. rugby movement. Their products are designed specifically with the rugby player in mind, to help the athlete perform, recover, and live better.

Tucson Rugby has been impressed by Ruck Science’s attention to product application to the rugby athlete and by its business model that provides direct, contingency-free contributions to the rugby community with every single purchase. Tucson Rugby believes that this partnership will be a huge step forward in promoting Tucson’s goals of supporting the club and it’s youth program, and Ruck Science’s goals of “sponsoring every club on the planet”. This is an exciting first step in what will hopefully be a long and prosperous partnership between us both.

More about Ruck Science

Ruck Science is the most forward-thinking sports nutrition retailer in the U.S. rugby community. With their marketing efforts tailored to the rugby athlete, their business model is very attractive to all amateur and semi-professional clubs. Who doesn’t need an additional revenue source?

In addition to a charitable business model, Ruck Science exercises extensive due diligence in vetting all of the products it represents and Tucson Rugby encourages its members, supporters, and followers to give their products a shot. From increasing strength and endurance and improving cognitive function, to expediting recovery, Ruck Science is developing a true, full nutritional package for the rugby athlete.

Benefits for Tucson Rugby

In its efforts to refocus on the future of Arizona Rugby, this partnership is the first that Tuscon Rugby club has executed with any sports nutrition provider. Ruck Science has agreed to contribute 10% on all purchases, 15% on all purchases over $150, and 20% on all purchases over $300 on when “Tucson Magpies” is entered on the checkout page.This is an excellent opportunity for Tucson members to take advantage of a wonderful product offering of supplements they would be buying already, and for the organization to capture a less traditional revenue stream in a partnership that will only promote both parties involved. This recaptured money will be directly pumped back into our efforts of supporting the Magpies club.


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